I guess the questions is, was it worth it? Did she found what she was looking for? Did she found love? Would you do the same?I grew up in a Childrens home. I was 7 when I became a part of a big family and was 14 when I left.

I wasnt really an orphan, I have a mom whom I havent seen since I was five and whos out of the country and a father who started his own family somewhere. I know my mom has to go away with the objective of providing us a better future. As I said I wasnt an orphan.

The Childrens home I grew up was established by a dutch couple who immigrated to Canada. We call them Mom and Dad, in this story I will be calling them just that becoz they were in fact our mom and dad. Sorry ladies, you will be seduced, pheromones make it impossible for you to resist men, no matter how dreadful the man wearing the pheromones may be. Wait, don’t panic. Sadly the pheromone marketing craze may be causing us to turn a blind eye to an.