You googled and googled, saw it on tv and perhaps even heard from colleagues or friends; the solution to your problem. Diet pills. Oh yeah, no hitting the gym, normal eating pattern but still losing weight at the same time. Now isnt that wonderful? Since youre so determined to lose weight, you of course want to try these easy solution.


After weeks of trying these pills, did you get the result you wanted? Did you have the same result others had? No? Another shocker there . But perhaps you think you have the wrong pills, so trying another kind wont hurt, right? Of course not. You know what they say: try and try until you succeed. So you tried and what was the result? A smile on your smile or shocked again?


So, I did a little testing of my own. I started working out just to stay fit and of course to lose weight. I dont believe in diet pills, not one bit and I wasnt afraid telling people this. But people tell me that it really works, so after hearing this and after seeing more and more of those diet pills advertisements I decided to try it myself. I tried 2 different diet pills: Pro vital and Mincidetox. These names were given to me by colleagues and I thought I would give them a try. There is one thing I noticed. I cant find any international website for these two products, although you can order them via amazon or other international online sites. I tried each product for a couple of weeks and guess what? No results. The reviews online about these products were all very promising but my experience tells me otherwise.