And of course this wouldnt go unnoticed in the office. This went around. She became the talk of the office and her family see less and less of her. She started using a colleague as an alibi when shes out most of the evenings. Until this colleague receives a phone call from the husband.  Oh dear.. here comes trouble. Apparently the husband didnt believed his wife. Who would right? The husband met the colleague and during a cup of coffee the husband warned her about his wife. He warned her that she should not drag herself along with whatever adventure his wife is having, warned her not to get too close to her, because his wife can turn on her too. Perhaps like the way his wife turned on him, friendship gone and left behind with only questions he couldnt answer. And her kids, did she even think of them?


If you want this kind of adventure and if you think that you can get away with it, I say think again. Sooner or later everything will come out.Theres always consequences when you go wild, it was just a matter of time.


After a couple of months, she got her own place and she got knocked out.  Now this is something you cant easily cover. Luckily the father of the baby was a decent guy. They bought a house and moved in together. She filed for a divorce and her sons live with their father and she has them on the weekends and part of the holidays.


She gave birth to a girl and she seems happy. If she really is happy, I dont know but she says she is. I just hope she really is. She doesnt have any contact with her colleague anymore so I guess the husband is right. She did turned her back on her as well.

The physical and emotional health of women can have much broader impacts on the people closest to them and, others may argue, the social and economic health of the society as a whole. This is because women are often the primary care givers for ageing.