She also didnt have many friends and maybe thats why she started thinking that something was missing. She was restless and perhaps its also because of all the stories she heard from her colleagues. Most of them are in a healthy, happy relationships which made her think that she want to experience what shes all been missing out the past years; FUN. Sure, she was happy with her family but she still had the feeling that she really was missing a lot of things. Till one day someone told her about dating sites and poor girl she took the advice and went for online dating.


That she has a family didnt even stop her from dating, I think she even forgot she one. She started dating and actually done things even I wouldnt have. Things you warned your daughters about. She did them all and she finally found the experience she wanted. She didnt had the head of over heels or the butterflies experience but Im sure she had the experience of lust. Unfortunately since she had the taste of it, it was difficult for her to stop or turn her back from the adventure she was having.

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