They wanted to do good. So, one day they visited our country and Dad paid a visit to the youth city jail. He saw a young boy who was in trouble. He looked into this young boys eyes and read sir please help. From that day Dad and Mom opened up this beautiful home and the boy was the first of many children they took in. Years past and they took more and more kids. My sister was one of them. My younger brother and I were living with our grandparents at that time. After 2 years since my sis went to the childrens home, I followed her while my brother was left under the care of my grandparents. After my grandma died, my brother was brought into the home as well. We were finally together.


After the childrens home was set up Mom and Dad returned to Canada but regularly visited us. They worked hard setting up the home; finding sponsors for the children who gave us christmas and birthday presents. My siblings and I had the same sponsor. A family who gave us presents. I remember receiving a nightgown that goes all the way to my ankles. I was so happy then. I also had my first jewelry from my sponsors. A jade necklase which I still haved till this day. Look how happy the kids are with just small gifts. We were just like them.


In the home, we learn to appreciate and to be thankful for what we had becoz they are a lot more of unfortunate kids out there. We learned about the Bible stories; the parables, scriptures and why we celebrate Christmas. Everything was provided for; food and education, after all what more can a child want at such a young age? I know there are different stories about homes but I just want to say that I wouldnt be me if I havent been in the home. I wouldnt even think of how I turned out to be if my life was different.

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