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And of course this wouldnt go unnoticed in the office. This went around. She became the talk of the office and her family see less and less of her. She started using a colleague as an alibi when shes out most of the evenings. Until this colleague receives a phone call from the husband.  Oh […]


Women’s Health::Can Omega3 Fish Oil Boost Women’s Health?

I guess the questions is, was it worth it? Did she found what she was looking for? Did she found love? Would you do the same?I grew up in a Childrens home. I was 7 when I became a part of a big family and was 14 when I left. I wasnt really an orphan, […]


Eat The Three Dishes More Is Good For Men’s Health

They wanted to do good. So, one day they visited our country and Dad paid a visit to the youth city jail. He saw a young boy who was in trouble. He looked into this young boys eyes and read sir please help. From that day Dad and Mom opened up this beautiful home and […]


Focus On Women’s Health – Five Sure-Fire Ways To Help You Feel Better

Mom and Dad are unfortunate not with us anymore but they still live within their children who are now scattered all over the world. I hope that there are more people out there who are like them. Doing something good for the world, making the life of the less fortunate sweet and bearable. Becoz thats […]


Supplement Products For Men’s Health

Life shouldnt be like this. Life should be fun but what is the secret to having a life when you barely can stand on your feet?   Perhaps the secret of life is accepting who and what we are and believing we can be what we want to be, even without resources. Is it enough […]


Lime Orange Juice

After a year or two, he gave her the news that he’ll be separating from his wife. Unfortunately separating doesn’t mean divorcing since he lived in a country where divorce still is not allowed. It turned out his wife met someone; leaving his son to his parents, she then took off with the guy she […]


The Ultimate Guide To Health Care

But raising two kids alone is tough. She has to do it all. With the help from her parents, she managed. But hardly since she doesn’t receive support from him. He supports his family in his hometown leaving her with just some change once in a while. But she accepted it all; all the hardships […]


4 Ways To Improve Children’s Health

I think these two are struggling to survive. Will they make it? Can he get his annulment finalized to be with her? Can she wait for him and for how long? I do wish them luck and hope that one day they will be living their lives as a family. Hello!  Yesterday was a whirlwind […]

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