Food, hmmm, I love food. Who doesnt, right? When youre celebrating, food and drinks are on the table. When your hobby is cooking or if you just love cooking, then you spent more time in the kitchen. When youre depressed, you eat comfort food. When having drinks, you have finger snacks. Oh oh oh food everywhere. And we just cant stop avoiding them.

But all of a sudden you became conscious of your body and oh my what a shocker you gain weight. Thats right, you did. What now? Hit the gym? Buy new clothes? Or go on a diet? But you love food! So what now?

Ok, you want to lose weight, but (oh yeah theres always a but) you dont have time to hit the gym or youre ashamed to even enter one and youre always busy working and socialising. 🙂 You want to stick to your normal diet but you know something else has to give so you want to eat less junk foods. But still, you know thats not enough. So you have to look for other solutions.