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Chiropractor Denver Colorado For Dextroscoliosis

By Dorothy Frick / March 13, 2017

Dextroscoliosis Causes And Treatment In DenverDextroscoliosis is a more specific medical term for Scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. In this article you will read detail about Chiropractor Denver Colorado For Dextroscoliosis treatment. Dextroscoliosis is the condition wherein the spine is curved to the right. Levoscoliosis is the counterpart of Dextroscoliosis, with the curvature of […]


Foods To Heal Receding Gums Naturally

By Dorothy Frick / December 7, 2016

Besides from brushing, flossing and other oral hygiene practices for receding gums, there are some foods that can give their properties for your teeth to be favored. Do you know those foods to strengthen teeth naturally?​Often we simply say “Do not eat this,” “These foods will hurt you”, etc. This is for everything in life. […]


Women’s Health And The Human Pheromone

By Dorothy Frick / November 16, 2015

You googled and googled, saw it on tv and perhaps even heard from colleagues or friends; the solution to your problem. Diet pills. Oh yeah, no hitting the gym, normal eating pattern but still losing weight at the same time. Now isnt that wonderful? Since youre so determined to lose weight, you of course want […]


Healthy Recipes With 4 Easy Steps

By Dorothy Frick / November 3, 2015

They also say, taking the tough roads always pays off. So I guess we can say that taking it easy is not the solution. We have to work for what we want. Does your agenda looks like this?   Plan a day or two for the gym. You love junk foods? Try eating them less. Depressed? […]


Let’s Talk About Weight, Baby

By Dorothy Frick / September 22, 2015

She also didnt have many friends and maybe thats why she started thinking that something was missing. She was restless and perhaps its also because of all the stories she heard from her colleagues. Most of them are in a healthy, happy relationships which made her think that she want to experience what shes all […]


Men’s Health

By Dorothy Frick / September 18, 2015

And of course this wouldnt go unnoticed in the office. This went around. She became the talk of the office and her family see less and less of her. She started using a colleague as an alibi when shes out most of the evenings. Until this colleague receives a phone call from the husband.  Oh […]


The Ultimate Guide To Health Care

By Dorothy Frick / February 3, 2015

But raising two kids alone is tough. She has to do it all. With the help from her parents, she managed. But hardly since she doesn’t receive support from him. He supports his family in his hometown leaving her with just some change once in a while. But she accepted it all; all the hardships […]