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I guess the questions is, was it worth it? Did she found what she was looking for? Did she found love? Would you do the same?I grew up in a Childrens home. I was 7 when I became a part of a big family and was 14 when I left.

I wasnt really an orphan, I have a mom whom I havent seen since I was five and whos out of the country and a father who started his own family somewhere. I know my mom has to go away with the objective of providing us a better future. As I said I wasnt an orphan.

The Childrens home I grew up was established by a dutch couple who immigrated to Canada. We call them Mom and Dad, in this story I will be calling them just that becoz they were in fact our mom and dad. Sorry ladies, you will be seduced, pheromones make it impossible for you to resist men, no matter how dreadful the man wearing the pheromones may be. Wait, don’t panic. Sadly the pheromone marketing craze may be causing us to turn a blind eye to an.

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They wanted to do good. So, one day they visited our country and Dad paid a visit to the youth city jail. He saw a young boy who was in trouble. He looked into this young boys eyes and read sir please help. From that day Dad and Mom opened up this beautiful home and the boy was the first of many children they took in. Years past and they took more and more kids. My sister was one of them. My younger brother and I were living with our grandparents at that time. After 2 years since my sis went to the childrens home, I followed her while my brother was left under the care of my grandparents. After my grandma died, my brother was brought into the home as well. We were finally together.


After the childrens home was set up Mom and Dad returned to Canada but regularly visited us. They worked hard setting up the home; finding sponsors for the children who gave us christmas and birthday presents. My siblings and I had the same sponsor. A family who gave us presents. I remember receiving a nightgown that goes all the way to my ankles. I was so happy then. I also had my first jewelry from my sponsors. A jade necklase which I still haved till this day. Look how happy the kids are with just small gifts. We were just like them.


In the home, we learn to appreciate and to be thankful for what we had becoz they are a lot more of unfortunate kids out there. We learned about the Bible stories; the parables, scriptures and why we celebrate Christmas. Everything was provided for; food and education, after all what more can a child want at such a young age? I know there are different stories about homes but I just want to say that I wouldnt be me if I havent been in the home. I wouldnt even think of how I turned out to be if my life was different.

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Mom and Dad are unfortunate not with us anymore but they still live within their children who are now scattered all over the world. I hope that there are more people out there who are like them. Doing something good for the world, making the life of the less fortunate sweet and bearable. Becoz thats how life should be.


For me these are not the secrets of life but merely the factors or parts of your life. But perhaps I would agree with the first one, happy or positive thinking. Because when you have that then it would kinda brighten up your day when your down, but is that enough?


Maybe the secret of life is not what we have but how we live our life. When we have nothing, can we still live? All of you would say of course yes, as long as you have food on the table and roof above your head and your health then you have nothing to complain about. I bet thats what most people would say. But I bet there are also people who would disagree, especially when they have to struggle keeping the roof above their heads and for providing food. Then it wouldnt be enough. It just wouldnt be enough and I personally know some people who doesnt have a life when this is all they have and they end up in trouble or even taking their own life.

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Life shouldnt be like this. Life should be fun but what is the secret to having a life when you barely can stand on your feet?


Perhaps the secret of life is accepting who and what we are and believing we can be what we want to be, even without resources. Is it enough to take it up on faith? Can this be the secret to keep you going?He’s a seaman and she met him when their ship docked at the port close to where she lives. He live thousands of miles away but that doesn’t matter. For them, they won’t let distance get in the way about how they felt about each other. And what do we all think of the chances that long distance relationships will last? From 1 to 10, I bet most people will say 0.

Months after they met, she heard that he was getting married and expecting a son. Now that’s some news you don’t want to hear about someone you love. But she has to move on; that’s life. You simply just have to move on.They met once in a while, whenever his ship docks at the port in her hometown.

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After a year or two, he gave her the news that he’ll be separating from his wife. Unfortunately separating doesn’t mean divorcing since he lived in a country where divorce still is not allowed. It turned out his wife met someone; leaving his son to his parents, she then took off with the guy she met. But what do you expect from a marriage when you’re husband isn’t hardly home? Not much I would say.


For the two of them, this is the chance they both have been waiting for. But knowing the reputation of a seaman, she wonders if this will work for them. They decided to take it on faith and they went for it.


After 6 years, they now have 2 children; a girl and a boy. Who would have thought that they actually would make it this far? Guess they proved us wrong.

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But raising two kids alone is tough. She has to do it all. With the help from her parents, she managed. But hardly since she doesn’t receive support from him. He supports his family in his hometown leaving her with just some change once in a while. But she accepted it all; all the hardships over the past five years. But sometimes it’s just too much and she felt giving up. All she wanted is to have him and his son living with her and just be a family.


We all know this is not how life should be. They now have to face the problems and decisions have to be made. Can they go on living their separate lives like they now do? Can she still take the hardships she’s experiencing or the hardships that are still to come?


He now has decided that he will finalize the annulment of his marriage and to investigate the possibilities about going to live with her. If you ask me he should have done this long ago. But hey, no judgments here!

I haven’t been in the mood for anything that I have on hand for breakfast, and I’ve been too lazy to make anything complicated, so I just had a honey crisp apple, Greek yogurt, and some granola.  It was delish!  Yes, on a gorgeous paper plate.

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I think these two are struggling to survive. Will they make it? Can he get his annulment finalized to be with her? Can she wait for him and for how long? I do wish them luck and hope that one day they will be living their lives as a family.

Hello!  Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day so no time to blog!  The day started with coffee and a granola bar, followed by a breakfast of two Central Market brand waffles with a fresh peach and Oikos Greek yogurt.  I topped that off with a drizzle of agave nectar.  Props to whomever can eat Greek yogurt plain and unsweetened, but I sure can’t!

I took the puppers for a walk on the trail, and saw a girl walking out there wearing Ugg boots!  Really?!?  It’s 85 degrees outside!  Love ‘em or hate ‘em, I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t wait to wear my Ugg boots, but it has to actually get cold for that to happen!

After bringing the dogs back home, I went to the gym and did some weights, then came back home and had some scrambled eggs with brie (unpictured).  I guess I got a little excited to eat it and forgot to take a picture!  Whoops.

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