Secret of life

What is the secret of life? Is there even one? Some say the secrets of life are:

  • Happy / positive thoughts
  • Families
  • Good job
  • Satisfaction
  • Good health
  • etc

For me these are not the secrets of life but merely the factors or parts of your life. But perhaps I would agree with the first one, happy or positive thinking. Because when you have that then it would kinda brighten up your day when your down, but is that enough?

Maybe the secret of life is not what we have but how we live our life. When we have nothing, can we still live? All of you would say of course yes, as long as you have food on the table and roof above your head and your health then you have nothing to complain about. I bet that’s what most people would say. But I bet there are also people who would disagree, especially when they have to struggle keeping the roof above their heads and for providing food. Then it wouldn’t be enough. It just wouldn’t be enough and I personally know some people who doesn’t have a life when this is all they have and they end up in trouble or even taking their own life.

Life shouldn’t be like this. Life should be fun but what is the secret to having a life when you barely can stand on your feet?

Perhaps the secret of life is accepting who and what we are and believing we can be what we want to be, even without resources. Is it enough to take it up on faith? Can this be the secret to keep you going?

What keeps you going? What is your secret?

Lime Orange Juice

Lime orange juice


2 orange juice
1 lime
1/2 cup almond milk

Squeeze the orange and lime juice, pour into a long drink glass and stir in the almond milk.
Or: peel the oranges and lime. Mix all ingredients in a blender. Keep in mind that when you use the blender you have more pulp in your glass.
Again, no need to add sugar.

What I also love is just to omit the almond milk and add some ice cubes to the orange and lime juice. This is really tasty and cool during the summer.



Spinach Orange Juice 1

spinach orange

Another simple recipe you really have to try!


3 orange juice
couple of strawberries
4-6 spinach

Blend freshly squeezed orange juice, strawberries and spinach for just a few seconds.
You can add more spinach to the drink if you wish, it will make the drink darker but don’t let the color stop you from drinking because the drink is simply delicious.